Counselling Testimonials
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Supervision and Coaching

Supervision is available from our BACP accreditied supervisors for both student and experienced practitioners in the fields of counselling, psychotherapy, social work, psychology and related health and social care professions.

Group supervision and consultation is also available for agencies and teams. This is particularly useful where team members are engaged in work involving mental health, relationship problems or sexual, physical or emotional abuse issues. Supervision usually begins with an introductory meeting which gives you an opportunity to discuss your supervision needs. This meeting also allows supervisor and supervisee to begin to get to know each other and to see if we can work together in supervision. A contract is then agreed to cover fees, times, location etc.

Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring and coaching are increasingly availed of by managers, business people and busy professionals. These people are often working under considerable pressure without confidential opportunities to discuss their dilemmas and problems. Talking things over with a trained professional allows them to explore their difficulties and perhaps express feelings freely about work or colleagues in a way which is otherwise unavailable to them. This process is extremely useful in helping people to cope with stressful situations and also in finding new and creative ways of resolving problems and developing solutions. Sessions last one hour and can happen face to face or by telephone. Individual mentoring and coaching sessions cost £40 (£45 by telephone) and organisational rates are negotiable.

Life Coaching

Life coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques to support people in identifying and achieving personal goals. Coaches are not 'guides' who reveal how one should live their life, but instead facilitate methods of personal development by for example helping client to clarify their goals and designing action plans to achieve them. This may involve becoming more aware of unhelpful habits or ways of thinking which limit achievement. Life coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to make changes in the way they live or work but who need the support of an understanding professional to enable them to take the steps necessary.