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Principles of mindfulness.

  • Compassion for self and others.
  • Staying in the present
  • Letting go unhelpful thoughts
  • Giving full attention only to that which requires our attention now


If a problem seems insoluble we tend to worry and the problem grows out of proportion. This leads to frustration, inadequacy and insecurity which makes problems harder to solve and increases a sense of helplessness and despair which in turn create a new range of problems.

Mindfulness allows us the space to stand back and perceive events more realistically thus creating increased confidence in meeting challenges. It also helps to clear our minds of unhelpful thoughts and enables improved decision making and problem solving.


Stress reactivity

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Mindful responsiveness to stress


“You helped me understand the source of my anxiety and I learnt useful techniques to calm myself and to manage stressful situations much better.”

A 29 year old woman

“The time, space and understanding you showed has changed my life completely and saved my marriage.”

40 year old man

“I now understand that many things in my life were not my fault, that I have strength and that I can respect myself and have a good life”.

A female client who was sexually abused

“We now recognise when things are going wrong and we know how to prevent arguments escalating out of control. We have also learnt how to communicate our emotional needs. Not only are we much happier but our children are as well”

A satisfied couple

“I am much calmer now and no longer explode into rages like I used to. I felt ashamed at first to admit that I could not control my anger, but with your acceptance and support, I feel I can manage stressful situations much better. Thankyou so much.”

A young husband and father